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We're always happy to offer a free market appraisal of your property for either sales or lettings - or indeed both if you're not sure which way you might decide to go.

If you would just prefer a chat or general advice over the phone or by email, of course just get in touch anytime on 020 8549 5099 or email us at

But we can be a lot more detailed in our thoughts and recommendations if we can come and have a look at your property. We will often be able to offer a visit the same day and as a guide an appraisal visit for sales or letting might typically take around, say, 30-40 minutes. Of course if you'd like us to discuss marketing strategy in detail or would like us make suggestions about getting your property ready to show at its best, of course we're happy to spend as long with you as it takes. If you're primarily interested in letting for example you may wish to discuss the demand for furnished or unfinished lets or what to leave in your property. Whatever the time taken or your requirements, there's no charge for a market appraisal or any obligation to proceed with us. And you can also be assured that a Mervyn Smith property appraisal will be by a staff member with many years' experience and with a thorough local knowledge and understanding of the particular advantages of your property and its location.

Our Managing Partner Stan Shaw is also a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Registered Valuer, so he brings a lot more expertise to an appraisal than most estate agents. Not only does he have more in-depth knowledge of property and buildings, he is also a lot more informed about legal and financial considerations and general market trends. He is a mentor and an assessor for candidates looking to qualify for Associate Membership of RICS, so he is well aware of contemporary pressures, issues and opinions among other valuers and surveyors, - who may of course themselves inspect your house later in a sales process on behalf of a buyer or a mortgage lender. So why not take advantage of the greater experience and qualified advice offered by a Mervyn Smith & Co. market appraisal, - Call us today on 020 8549 5099 or complete our form.

Do you need a formal written valuation of your property?

There may be instances where you need a more formal valuation of a property, rather than just a market appraisal. This may be, for example, when the value of a property is involved in legal proceedings or you need a valuation figure for tax purposes. You may have no need or intention to actually sell the property at all. In these cases you should ask specifically for Stan Shaw to assist you.

There are certain types of valuation which have to follow a particular format or set of principles to be valid, such as valuing a property for a charity or for a lease extension. In these instances, a typical estate agents market appraisal will not be sufficient,- in fact it could be misleading if an agent is suggesting an asking price for marketing rather than a likely achievable end result. Sometimes the final sale price of a property can be quite different from the initial asking price. Sometimes it can be higher if there are competing offers on a property and it goes to sealed bids. Sometimes it can be lower once all the issues raised by buyers, surveyors and legal advisors have been negotiated. With some types of formal valuation, the obligation on the Valuer is to assess what the likely end result would be, even when the property has not been tested on the open market. For example in a formal valuation for Inheritance Tax, the Valuer has to assess what the most likely hypothetical selling price would have been if the property had transacted on the open market on the day that the deceased person died. This is because the Valuer has to follow the statutory definition from the Inheritance Act 1984 and understand the implications of subsequent case law.

As an RICS Registered Valuer, Stan Shaw is qualified to provide a number of such formal types of valuation. He has conducted property valuations for charities, for assessing Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax liabilities, for property portfolios, for lease extensions and has reported as a Joint Single Expert on property valuations to Kingston County Court and to Courts in Central London. Naturally you will appreciate such valuations involve more time for research and careful collation of evidence, so we will usually have to make a charge. However there would still be an initial consultation which would be free and without obligation. Indeed it is the correct RICS procedure to advise you as the client first as to what is the appropriate route, to agree the parameters of the valuation with you and to give you written terms and condition for you to sign in advance, so that we are sure we are providing exactly what you require. In cases where Stan doesn't feel he has the appropriate expertise to fulfil your particular needs, he will probably be able to recommend another expert to you.

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