The market is roaring ahead !


The market in Ham, Petersham and North Kingston is roaring along buoyed not just by the stamp duty holiday, but by growing confidence that the economy is going to be OK as the vaccination programme rolls out. We are getting big numbers of viewings on any house coming onto the market and typically getting competing offers often well over the asking price. We’re racking up 5 or 6 new sales every single week. There are also other factors driving things forward. Whilst we’ve all heard about people choosing to move out of London altogether, there’s plenty of people looking to move here into our local area from further into town. For example one of our sales this week was to buyers from Primrose Hill and another couple buying in Ham are from Bayswater. Also moving into the area, especially on the Kingston side, are significant numbers of buyers from Hong Kong. And perhaps as people get used to the UK being outside the UK, we are still getting buyers moving here to be near the German school. With the excellent standard of the state schools in our area, its an attractive mix drawing people to the locality, – more than the numbers seeking pastures new elsewhere!