Last Chance Saloon for the June 30th Deadline


June 30th approaches imminently and we still have a number of sales trying to complete on or before Wednesday. If the buyers can get their purchase over the line on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday this week they will save up to £15,000 on their stamp duty. If they complete from Thursday July 1st until September 30th they will save up to £2,500 and then after that we’ll go back to the normal stamp duty thresholds. Its been a crazy few months with massive numbers of sales for us. Just in the last 7 days we’ve had sales exchange and complete in Cave Road, Garth Road, Latchmere Lane, Stuart Road, Park Gardens and Buckingham Road to name just a few. We’ve got a few going to the wire this week where we will probably have to exchange and complete on the same day in time to make the stamp duty deadline. Today we’ve been madly arranging to clear some of the properties so this can all happen. So far we look to be on schedule but it will need close co ordination between agents, conveyancers, mortgage lenders and removers. Hopefully it’ll all hang together ! But the signs are that the market will still continue to press on strongly anyway into July with 5 new sales already arranged by us so far this week.