The votes were counted at York House after voting in the referendum for or against the adoption of the Ham and Petersham Neighborhood Plan. The votes cast were as follows –

Yes 1083 (84.61%) No  197  (15.39%)

1285 people voted, with 5 ballot papers rejected.

Turnout was 20.41% (1285/6295) and whilst this might seem low, it is in line with referendums elsewhere, especially when there are no other elections on the same day. We also had particular problems  because of changes to the locations and availability of the actual polling stations. If the Russell School and Ham Christian Centre had been available as polling stations, the turnout would have been higher and not far off local election turnouts.  Fortunately the Neighborhood Forum and volunteers had encouraged postal voting.

By polling station the turnouts were:

9.52% (86/903) at Ham Library,

16.55% (362/2187) at St. Richard’s Church,

12.79% (264/2064) at St. Andrew’s Church,

50.22% (573/1141) for postal votes. Well done to the Chair of the Neighborhood Forum Committee Brian Willman  and the Plan Drafting Team in particular who gave very generously of their time and expertise as volunteers, and all those who took the time and trouble to vote.  But then again nothing less than you would expect from one of  the most engaged and community spirited villages around !