The Ham and Petersham Neighbourhood Forum have submitted a draft Neighbourhood Plan for their area. The Plan sets out a vision and objectives to help shape the future of the area.

In accordance with the requirements of the Localism Act 2011, the Council are satisfied that the Ham and Petersham Neighbourhood Plan, as amended by the modifications set out in the Council’s Decision Statement, meets the ‘basic conditions’ and other legal requirements, and as such should progress to a referendum. The referendum will be held on Thursday 18 October 2018.

The question to be asked at the referendum is:
“Do you want the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames to use the Neighbourhood Plan for Ham and Petersham to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

If successful at the referendum, the Plan will become part of Richmond’s statutory development plan and will be used alongside the Council’s own planning documents to determine planning applications in the Ham and Petersham Neighbourhood Area.

If a majority vote in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan it will  give our neighbourhood community a greater say in planning decisions in our area and give greater weight to the ‘Community Proposals’ in the Plan such as improvements at Ham Parade and the Active Neighbourhood proposals to improve walking and cycling routes.

We will receive more money to spend on local projects. Richmond Council receives money from developers and a proportion of this is allocated for spending on local projects.  The proportion our area receives will increase from 15% to 25% if the Plan is approved.

Ham and Petersham will be the only area in Richmond borough that has its own community-led Neighbourhood Plan prepared by a Neighbourhood Forum.  The Neighbourhood Forum is run by a committee composed of your neighbours and we have consulted widely. So please vote yes next Thursday !

A person is entitled to vote if, at the time of the referendum, they meet the eligibility criteria to vote in a local election for the area and if they live in the referendum area. The Council’s register to vote page contains further information on how to register. All those entitled to vote should have by now received a poll card informing them when and where to vote. Hard copies of the Plan and details of the Referendum are available to view at Ham Library (and also at the Civic Centre, 44 York Street in Twickenham) during normal opening hours.

You can find more information on the Ham and Petersham Neighbourhood Forum website or contact

Alternatively, if you have any questions or comments for the Council, please phone 020 8891 1411