The local housing market in 2017 followed a very similar pattern to 2016. In 2016 the market was disrupted in June by the EU Referendum and in 2017 we had a similar hiatus when the General Election in June produced an indeterminate result. In both previous years, activity was much lower than normal for the area from June to October, but in both years November and December were busier than normal. Our interpretation is that some people put things off or waited to see how things would settle down before moving. There’s possibly a dawning realization among potential buyers and sellers that  things will be up and down for the next couple of years so they can’t wait around for ever. If you want to move house or job, or you want to get a school place, then you’re not going to be put off by this weeks headlines about the Brexit negotiations. Actually December 2017 turned out to be a good month for us on both sales arranged and new lets agreed. So we’re now looking forward to  2018 with reasonable confidence.